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​TONY BENNETT  Billboard 2012

"Dear Jorge, a song never had a better friend that you. Thank you so much for many years of your beautiful arrangements.  

With love, Tony Bennett."




“From the beginning of my career I've had the good fortune of working with a select group of supremely gifted arrangers  who  each bring their  unique  sensibility to the  music - Peter Matz,  Don Costa,   Johnny Mandel,

Claus Ogerman and William Ross to name a few — all musical geniuses and Jorge Calandrelli is definitely a member of their exclusive club.”


JOHNNY MANDEL   Billboard 2012

"To Jorge, with love from your friend and greatest admirer.”



"He has a sensitivity to stay out of the way of the singer, but at the same time gives you the warmth that he’s capable of bringing.  He’s one of the best.”

QUINCY JONES  Sent after the production of “Prelude to the Garden” for the album “Back on The Block” 1989

“Dear Jorge, thank you again.  I love you,  it’s so special.  Love, Q.”


“Jorge Calandrelli is a master arranger, and it has been a pleasure to have worked with him on so many recordings throughout my career.”



"What makes Jorge so effective as an arranger and producer is his incredible musicality across many genres and his intuitive way of finding exactly the right musical frame for the artist he works with.  Jorge is unique in being equally at home with Tony Bennett or Celine Dion as he is with Yo-Yo Ma or Placido Domingo. He creates definitive arrangements  for artists much like Nelson Riddle or Don Costa did for (Frank) Sinatra."

MICHAEL ROEDER  From his book  "A History of the Concerto"  Amadeus Press 1994

"Calandrelli is a gifted composer with a profound understanding of orchestral instruments and a strong rhythmic sense, which has its origins in three sources:  American Jazz, Latin American dance music, and the asymmetrical rhythmic patterns of Stravinsky and Bartok, whose music he has long admired.  Added to these elements is a lyrical, melodic approach, which gives his music great appeal.  All these features come together in the Concerto for Jazz Clarinet and Orchestra."


​BARBRA STREISAND  The Movie Album / Liner notes by Barbra/ LA  2003

“…I associate movie songs with an orchestral lushness…and was delighted with arranger Jorge Calandrelli’s wonderful chart for this one "Wild is The Wind"…emotional and romantic.”

CELINE DION  Introducing Jorge at the live performance of "Nature Boy" 

Kodak Theater, Los Angeles 2002

“…a musician extraordinaire, Mr. Jorge Calandrelli.”


SHELTON BERG  Dean of the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music

“Jorge’s work doesn’t scream to the audience, “Hey, check me out’, with virtuosic and hip devices of their own sake, the listener is almost unaware, as Calandrelli’s music exponentially amplifies the emotion and intent of the music.”


“He writes just the right amount of music that never gets on top of the singer, but provides nice support to the soloist. That’s a skill that really makes a difference.”


JIM TYLER  arranger / orchestrator  at the LSO recording of "Music from the Galaxies" London 1982 

"...Listened to your was easy to divine the honesty, craftsmanship and polylinear beauty that marks the born and bred musician.”

YO-YO MA  Sent with a bottle of Dom Perignon, March 2004 

“Dear Jorge, I am honored to have worked with you on "Obrigado Brazil" and send congratulations on our Grammy!  With warmest wishes, Yo-Yo.”


REGINA CARTER  Sent after the release of her album “Paganini: After a Dream” 2004

“Dear Jorge, thank you is not enough for the beautiful arrangements you created for my project. I really appreciate everything you’ve given to this project from the beginning. I hope we’ll be able to work together again soon! Violinistically, Regina Carter.

P.S. Paganini thanks you also!”

BARRY MANILOW  Sent after the release of his album “A Christmas Gift of Love”  2003

“George! With compliments and best wishes. You are the greatest! Love and thanks,  Barry.”


EDDIE ARKIN  Sent after the recording of the Diane Schuur album “Midnight” produced by Eddie Arkin and Barry Manilow, 2003

“Dear Jorge, meeting and working with you was certainly the highlight of this project for me.  Your personal and music elegance comes through in every bar of music that you write. I hope to see you and Marcia soon.   Eddie.”

EMILIO & GLORIA ESTEFAN  After the Oscar nomination for “A Love Before Time” from the movie “Crouching Tiger / Hidden Dragon”, sent in a beautiful flower arrangement

“Congratulations! You certainly deserve it. We are very proud of you and we love you. With all our love. Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Staff."

TONY BENNETT  After visiting the Frick Museum in New York together, Tony dedicated the book “The Paintings of The Frick Collection” to Jorge and wrote -

“To Jorge. Your music is like these paintings to me. Thank you! 

Tony Bennett A/K/A Benedetto.”   1991

BARBRA STREISAND  Upon winning  the Grammy with Yo-Yo Ma for “Soul of the Tango”  

“Dear Jorge, Congratulations & Love, Barbra”


JACK ELLIOTT  Upon receiving a copy of "A History of the Concerto" by Michael Roeder where Jorge Calandrelli's "Concerto for Jazz Clarinet and Orchestra" is listed in the chapter, The Concerto in the United States,  Jack Elliott, conductor of the New American Orchestra,  and the one who commissioned the piece for The Foundation of New American Music, writes -

"Dear George, thank you very much for sending me the ”book”. It is very impressive and you deserve to be remembered. When I look back over the past years and examine the works we have commissioned, your piece is one of the most effective & well written works we commissioned. I’m proud to be together with you. All the best, Jack"

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